Yeti NZ Race Support Programe Announced

Yeti NZ Tribe Race Support Programe

I’m keen to get all us Yeti riders working together better at events. I’m creating this program to help us all have more fun and make racing easier… its not just about performance, however I think it will really help those that want to perform too.

New Zealand is too small for Pro Teams, so the only way to build something awesome that lasts long term is to keep it real, and for us all to do it together.


Yeti riders

Rather then having an exclusive team, this program is for everyone that rides a Yeti and competes in events.

At selected events, there will be a Yeti tent to hangout in, tools and other helpful things. Riders will also receive free or discounted Yeti clothing/bikes (credit towards free clothing and bikes will be based on each riders NZ MTB Crown points at the end of each season)

Riders will have to talk directly with each race co-ordinator to let them know you are coming and what you are needing help with. They will do their best to help you find accommodation, give local advice and offer support at the event. You can also volunteer yourself to help other riders. Do you maybe have skills in mechanics, massage, cooking, driving shuttles? Are you willing to hand bottles out to riders in a different class? There are many ways we can help each other!

My expectations of riders will simply be that you are respectful of others and the brand. I would also love it if you list Yeti as your bike brand on NZMTB Crown and generally do what you can to promote the brand and program.

Yeti race co-ordinators

This project depends entirely on getting enough keen people to help out as race co-ordinators.

This role is all about helping other Yeti riders when they come to town. You can select which events you want to help with, then your roles will include helping the out of town riders find accommodation, provide local advice and setup the race area. If there are enough riders coming and they want to share, you may help them to find a book-a-batch house that riders could share!

We will send our Yeti tent, flags and other things to you directly, then arrange for it to be picked up afterwards. We would also ask that you arrange for a blog to be written and photos taken, then upload this onto for everyone to see.

Yeti race managers will be well rewarded with discounts. We are all open for ideas… heck, we could even maybe have a little gathering of our own to discuss strategy :)

More info?

Just flick me an email on if you have any questions or want to get involved.

I am personally excited to start turning upto more events and help out as well. We are considering buying a caravan and travelling around a bit with our kids…. so we might see you at some races too !

Cheers, Kashi


SB6C Di2 – Problem Solved!

If you were following the Yeti Trans NZ Enduro, or if you were lucky enough to be riding it, you’ll probably remember our flagship Di2-equipped SB6-C breaking down mid-race (right after we announced how reliable it is). The skeptics laughed then rode off on their cable-operated bikes.

Well, we found the problem. Because Di2 is so super-new in NZ, the cables supplied by the Shimano distributor weren’t quite long enough (if you’re reading this, supply the right cables next time!), and the main power cable pulled out of its internal socket inside the battery compartment. A moment of headscratching from Joel our awesome mechanic, and he had it fixed, and then re-routed the cables in a slightly different way so that it can’t happen again. See pictures below.

Live and learn, eh!

The SB6-C has all the right ports to run Di2. This is how Joel has set it up now.

This is an alternative set up. It’s not as neat, but we tried it anyway.

And this is how we routed the cable for the derailleur.

Yetis dominate Karapoti Classic

Congratulations to all the Yeti riders who took on the 30th Karapoti on 7 March, especially those who were still out there when the heavens opened!

The Karapoti is the longest running MTB event in the Southern Hemisphere and has long been seen as the pinnacle event for NZ mountain bikers.

John Randal KarapotiYeti riders has a great day with FOUR of the top TEN spots filled with Yeti riders.

John Randal was 10th Pro-Elite man on his ASR-5C (John’s report here),  Callum Kennedy was 9th on a shiny new ARC-C, 17 year old Robbie Bradshaw had a breakthrough ride to finish 7th on a 29er ASR-C, and Tom Bradshaw, also on an ARC-C was 2nd only 40 seconds off the win!

Well done guys, and an honourable mention must go to Ant Bradshaw riding his brand new SB-5C round in a time of 2.53

Great to see some depth in the Yeti bikes stable. Big wheels, small wheels, hard tails and full suspension showing Yeti’s class across the entire range!

SB6-C Di2

Ready to ride at the Trans NZ Enduro, here’s Kashi Leuch’s Yeti SB6-C with full XTR Di2 drivetrain.

IMG_5861 IMG_5862 IMG_5863 IMG_5865

Here’s what mechanic Joel Anderson has to say about the Di2 setup:
Although a bit fiddly to get the cable routing sorted first time, once all the cables are installed and plugged in Di2 needs far fewer tools and is easier to tune than conventional cable setups. “

We’ll let you know how Di2 rides after we’ve given it a proper test at Trans NZ!

2015 Yeti Clothing Range

phoebe1Rider Phoebe Coers in Yeti gear at the 2W Gravity Enduro

Yeti’s new 2015 clothing range has hit NZ. As always, the design and materials are ride-driven, perfect for showing off a bit of turq pride. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Enduro-specific gents’ and ladies’ 3/4 jerseys, World Cup replica jerseys, shorts, and gloves
  • DH/freeride/park oriented jerseys, shorts, and gloves
  • New colours for the legendary Freeland (gents’) and Norrie (ladies’) shorts
  • Some nice casual stuff – a new hoodie and a cool pack

You’ll find it all for sale via Black Seal Imports, or through your local dealer.