SB5C – Velo’s Mountain Bike of The Year

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“Yeti’s SB5C is not evolution; it’s revolution. Its 120mm of rear travel transforms from stiff to buttery as it moves effortlessly from firm pedaling platform to bottomless absorption. It can climb with crosscountry bikes, and it can win Enduro World Series races. It is, to be perfectly frank, the most spectacular trail bike we’ve ever ridden.” – Velo News

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SB6-C Lift Off!

The eager wait is finally over – the first SB6-Cs have hit NZ shores! These first few frames flew out of Yeti NZ central so fast we didn’t have time to take fancy photos, but have a look through these for a sneak peak.

If you’re interested in an SB6-C, click here for the deets. We have very limited numbers left (only two at time of writing!) but we’ll be getting more in a couple of weeks.

Yeti’s Rosara Joseph wins Urge 3 Peaks Enduro on SB5-C

Rosara Joseph proved too good at the Urge 3 Peaks Enduro staged in Dunedin, New Zealand, at the weekend. Threatening weather dampened the tops of Signal Hill for the final two stages today, but beneath the trees the steep tracks remained in optimum condition for racing.


The 2014 Enduro World Series number seven Rosara Joseph was masterful on the Signal Hill tracks extending her lead to a 2 minute 30 second gap over her nearest rival Natalie Jakobs, of Queenstown. Raewyn Morrison came home in third just one second ahead of local favourite Anja McDonald. Lisa Horlor finished fifth.

“I’m really happy to win my third Urge 3 Peaks Enduro today,” smiles Joseph. “It’s always a fun event to travel down to.”

Joseph said it was a tough event, but it was not as long and technically challenging as the courses set for Enduro World Series events.6jGH2BaCRQAp_e6Fd88olmRatQHvVW9BZ2zRGZHKFAk,gHu3tenfCveWK7UZo2FoP2ZOFGrAudBZMOlCP13nTOg,KS3fQuYv2-PYYu7ZnZfE0mtc9rIr0FVP3egs2YHwWL0

“We’re probably lucky the rain didn’t turn out to be too heavy,” she grins.

Jakobs said she was pleased the rain held off, too. She focused on riding smooth and safe on the challenging Signal Hill tracks.

“I didn’t crash all weekend and I even made the stairs on Mt Cargill,” she laughs.

QPLJr1ccb1b9WW0b35TQZ0ZeAkqSBOhqghzyXPmb-hQ,JezO8SzQV08mYS56K2XsfPENc9jBwjWvC0sYbFl0wS0,-LlTthou1n2G924Hw2SnI8p80ucaTZVNkHszm4Q86kQ,DjIYHcCP3k_VOtUTd1nWqGUBHUeATdHPdzgFydznz28,YR2uHM0VRA95bZS_hLxYBwhNPXJ6kAmccVHjtEzXMDQRace organiser Tom Bradshaw said the event was a resounding success.

O-2c_QqKXlYciFT07RYwMyZTJedvkrI-2Lk-CJPqufQ,Rbb9TR4JFWBJX7vsmjLO_Ee9La-j9EI7GUL5BTpfGOc,ZYYcird91no1VS0i6ebkVCh2yNFjXEfkkrlbf-_jhvw,0H8q3AmGvrbdaPnU82lXdbUWNvye1jmxZR6T9F4M438“The variety of tracks was great this year – a big epic day in the hills yesterday with a bit of everything and then today was super gnarly and really challenging,” Bradshaw explains.

Event founder Kashi Leuchs said they had learnt a lot from the past two years and implemented the right changes.

“We wanted to make this one of the toughest events in the country and I think we have achieved that,” Leuchs said. “We design it to push people’s limits and even riders who found these tracks beyond their skill level still had a grin on their faces at the bottom. People love a challenge.”

Leuchs said New Zealand had a lot of riders who were capable of running top-10 in the world and he felt an event like the Urge 3 Peaks Enduro gave them an opportunity to hone their skills.

“We have a lot of top downhill riders in the world because our races here are so tough. We need to do the same thing with enduro,” he explains. “Raise the level.”


Graves hoping to race 2W event in Feb

Hot off the press! Jared Graves says he is planning to come to the Feb 2W …

One of the success stories of the first two Rotorua Bike Festivals will be back in 2015.

The Giant 2W Gravity Enduro will be a feature of the second weekend of the Rotorua Bike Festival on Saturday February 21.

And 2014 Enduro World Series champion, Jared Graves from Australia, hopes to be on the start line.

2014 Enduro World Series champion, Jared Graves, Round 3, Valloire, France.


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